Vulgar Hands

Jason Walsh
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I find myself not really writing anymore like I used to. I think part of it is the fear of getting into the headspace I was in when I wrote my EP. I realized that tonight. Those were not fun times for me… so I think I’m not writing and then I look at my itunes list. All the iphone recordings of song ideas and chord progressions and rough demos of rambling streams of lyrics put to those chords. There’s 495 of them. So I have some ideas I suppose. Of the first… 30 or so I listened to there was, I’m going to be generous and say 3 of them I think could work as being flesh out into songs. 1 stands out as being the best of that batch. So here’s a look inside the vaults. Let’s play a game: yay or nay tumblr? Should it go or should it stay?

Also gives you an idea where more of my music is headed. There’s more up tempo stuff in here. I wouldn’t go far as to say happy.. but up tempo.. and some electric stuff in that vault. I like this one especially because I love how it sparkles. I love how all the ghost notes in the chords imply counter melody. Unintended byproduct of how I was playing. And yes those are the only lyrics I came up with in the moment.

Now it’s far too late and while I would like to mine this hole deeper the sun is coming up soon. 

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